TRI CEO visits Western China Dental Company

Source: SCIG Date: Jun 19, 2017 0
TRI CEO visits Western China Dental Company
TRI CEO visits Western China Dental Company

On June 13, 2017, Tobias Richtery, CEO of TRI Dental Implant Co. from Swiss, and CFO Konstantin Heiermann visited Western China Dental Company. The Swiss guests received warm welcome from Chen Ke, SCIG’s vice chairman and the two sides exchanged on TRI’s future operations in the greater China Region and their cooperation issues.

TRI is a Swiss-based dental implants company with state of the art technologies. Its annual production of dental implant is up to 1 million. During the meeting, Tobias S. Richtery said he was very excited and surprised by the dental equipment and materials industry in Ziyang, Sichuan, and by the province’s strategic industrial development outlook. He explained TRI’s main businesses and core technologies, and expressed hope to work with Western China Dental Company and enter the Chinese market.

Vice chairman Chen watched TRI’s dental implants display and recognized the company’s innovative technologies. He hoped TRI could actively explore the greater China region, pply patents in China for its core technologies, and introduce the dental materials manufacturing base of the Western China Dental Company to TRI’s development.

Key figures from Western China Dental Company, including its general manager Guan Zhiqiang, attended the meeting.

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