SCIG honored as demonstration enterprise for justice and integrity

Source: SCIG Date: Feb 2, 2017 0

SCIG was recently honored as a demonstration enterprise for justice, integrity and law-abiding operation, and was praised by the provincial government and the provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission.

Last May, the Sichuan Provincial Government has launched an initiative to encourage companies’ just and law-abiding operations. To echo the call, SCIG made a series of arrangements as it has kicked off several rounds of activities to popularize the knowledge of law inside the company, introduced compliance assessment, and launched self-examination and correction efforts to improve the company’s operation and improve the company’s capabilities in fending off legal risks.

After several months of efforts, the provincial government highly recognized SCIG’s law-abiding operations and encouraged the company to pursue even higher standard in corporate administration, compliance management and law-based competition.

SCIG was then honored as a demonstration enterprise for its law-abiding operation, justice and integrity. The company will continue to enhance its consciousness for the rule of law, improve its prevention system for legal risks and the legal counseling system, and constantly boost the company’s compliance management.

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